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What is injection molding?

Equipped with 40 in-house injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 35 to 1000 tons, we are able to provide mold prototyping and small batch plastic part production services.
The injection molding department has the capability to operate 24 hours a day to ensure on-time delivery.
A good quality control system is in place to monitor all operations in a controlled manner, effectively ensuring the quality of the final product.
Also, we have a good partner nearby, equipped with machines ranging from 35 to 1000 tons, including two-color secondary molding and gas-assisted injection molding.
This allows us to test various plastic molds and make samples for evaluation according to our customers' needs.
We mold all types of thermoplastic or thermoset materials, including reinforced and filled plastics.
Always ready to solve our customers' most challenging manufacturing challenges with advanced molding technology and extensive experience.
General plastic materials: PP, PE, ABS, PC, PC+ABS, Nylon+GF, POM, PMMA, PA, PS, etc.


What are the most applicable fields for injection molding?
Some examples are
 automotive parts
 household equipment
  medical devices
  electronics housings
  agricultural implements
  Skin care products containers, caps and other packaging
  Daily use comb, bottle cap.

What is injection molding?
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