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Thermoplastic Mold Design

Thermoplastic mold design is an important process in manufacturing. It allows manufacturers to create products with unique shapes and characteristics that can be used in a variety of applications. Thermoplastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves the injection of molten plastic into a preformed mold to create the desired product. The process has become increasingly popular for its ability to produce complex parts with high precision, repeatability and cost-effectiveness. LICHI has been a key supplier to some of the most well-known automotive OEMs and their supply chains.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Mold Design

Thermoplastic mold design is a great option for anyone looking to create very detailed parts for their projects. It is cost effective, flexible and has a wide range of materials that can be used to create the perfect part for any application. It is a revolutionary method for creating durable, high-quality plastic products. The process involves using heat and pressure to mold the plastic into the desired shape. This method of plastic mold design is efficient, cost effective, and produces consistent results.

Environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly thermoplastic mold design is a great way to reduce waste and make products more sustainable. Thermoplastic materials are easy to process and recyclable, making them an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.
High-quality finishes: A high-quality finish on thermoplastic molded parts is beneficial in many ways. It can help protect the product from environmental factors, enhance the aesthetics of the product, and extend the life of the mold.


Durable thermoplastic molds are an excellent choice for a variety of applications from automotive to medical. When properly designed, thermoplastic molds offer a range of advantages, including strong, lightweight parts, precise detailing, and excellent heat and chemical resistance.

We can manufacture automotive parts in the following ways.

• seat backs
• trim trim
• interior door handles
• door trim
• engine parts
• Shed Roof Parts
• Lighting Parts
• fender parts
• airbags
• air conditioning parts

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