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What is Blow Molding?

We produce various types and sizes of blow molded products, blow molding molds, one-stop service.
The company mainly produces materials HDPE, LDPE, EVA, HIPS, ABS, PP products. We can produce: all kinds of blow molding accessories, plastic toys, electronic accessories, hardware accessories, toy wheels, containers, plastic bottles, simulation of plants and animals, spheres, Halloween Christmas and other products.
We can provide you with molds, products, machines, technical services, etc.
The accumulation of experience over the years and the spirit of persistent pursuit as well as the serious and responsible attitude towards customers have enabled us to expand our market to various regions at home and abroad, and our products are well received by the market and customers.
The company will continue to adhere to the refined technology, reasonable price and honest business philosophy to serve our customers and seek common development.


What are the most applicable fields for blow molding?
Some examples are
• toolboxes
• plastic drums
• plastic containers
•  blow molded toys
• Halloween Christmas
•  blow molded parts
• Simulation of plants and animals.

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