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What is injection mold manufacturing?

liChi manufactures a wide range of injection molds, from single-cavity SPI Class 103 molds to multi-cavity SPI Class 101 molds. Our mold types include standard molds with side-action and lifters, hot runner molds, spin-on molds, 2K molds, and inserted cladding molds.
Equipped with Rhodes high-speed CNC, Makino EDG3 precision EDM, and Erowa system with the highest repeat positioning accuracy, ACE Mold can reach an annual production capacity of over 300 plastic production molds weighing up to 10 tons and handle 30 molds at a time.
Our molds are manufactured to exact DME and Hasco mold standards. We can supply any desired brand of mold components such as HASCO, DME, PROGRESSIVE, MISUMI, Parker, etc.

What are the most applicable areas for injection mold manufacturing?
Some examples are
 automotive parts
 household equipment
 medical devices
 electronics housings
 agricultural implements
 lipstick containers, bottle caps and other packaging
Daily use combs, bottle caps, wire insulation, etc.