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What is injection mold design?

What is injection mold design?

able to design molds based on customer product designs, 2D/3D models, or specification drawings. Our design capabilities include.


• Mold Flow Analysis
• Product Optimization
• Full 2D and 3D mold design
• reverse engineering
• Unique designs through collaboration with customers
We design molds based on customer input and mold complexity.

With over a decade of combined experience in the mold and plastics industry, we are able to anticipate potential quality and tooling manufacturing issues or risks at the earliest stages and work with our customers to optimize designs and eliminate these risks before mold production begins.


ACE Engineering software used.
• mold design software: AutoCAD, UG
• Programming software: Powermill
• Data exchange: UG, PRO/E, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, CAD, STP, X_T, IGS, PRT, DWG, DXF, PDF, etc.

What are the most applicable fields for injection molding design?

•  automotive parts
•  household equipment
•  medical devices
•  electronics housings
•  agricultural tools
•  Cosmetics
•  lipstick containers, bottle caps and other packaging
•  daily combs, bottle caps, wire insulation, etc.


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