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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

technological innovation, high quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.


Lichi adheres to the spirit of quality, responsibility, efficiency and innovation, and has established a complete production history for each plastic mold and injection molding product. In each production process, there are standard operating procedures (SOP, SIP) and quality assurance system to check. From product development to production, professional quality personnel strictly control the production process, and an independent quality management room is set up to maintain stable and high-quality products. Our company provides customers with the best quality precision components and precision plastic injection products, and continuously strengthens the company's production equipment, adopts the most advanced machines, and at the same time ensures the production quality and product quality.

Incoming Quality Control

The raw materials and components are inspected upon delivery, and relevant material certificates are provided to ensure product quality.

Sample inspection report

After the first delivery, our company will provide a complete measurement report to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Process inspection control

For mold making and injection molding production, there will be quality inspection procedures at each stage to ensure quality.

Process inspection control

For each mold and product, a final inspection is done before delivery to customers to ensure that all products meet customer expectations.