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Automotive water tank plastic parts

 Automotive water tanks are changing the plastic parts industry as they become increasingly popular due to their affordability, reliability and convenience. Automotive water tanks are made from a variety of plastic parts, including injection molded, blow molded, rotomolded and extruded parts. ace has been a valuable supplier to many well-known automotive OEMs and their supply chains. ace's comprehensive supply chain resources allow our customers to focus on what matters most to the automotive industry: zero defects and reduced overall costs.

Benefits of automotive radiator grille plastic parts

Keeping automotive radiator grilles in good condition is important for both their appearance and performance. Plastic parts are ideal for this task. They are lightweight, easy to install, and can be customized to fit your vehicle perfectly. Automotive radiator grille plastic parts offer many benefits to vehicle owners, including increased efficiency, reduced weight and custom designs. These parts are also more resistant to damage, making them an excellent choice for vehicle owners looking for a long-lasting solution.

Improved aesthetics.

Radiator grille plastic parts are an important part of a vehicle's overall aesthetic appeal. They add a unique look and feel to the vehicle and provide a protective barrier to prevent foreign objects from damaging the radiator.


Plastic radiator grille components are an affordable alternative to metal grille components. They are lightweight, durable and cost-effective, making them ideal for vehicle owners, mechanics and more.


Radiator grilles is an important part of any vehicle. Not only does it protect the radiator from dust, debris and other contaminants, but it also adds a stylish look to the vehicle. Grilles are usually made of plastic and require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning properly.

We can manufacture automotive parts as follows. 

• seat backs
• trim trim
• interior door handles
• door trim
• engine parts
• Shed Roof Parts
• Lighting Parts
• fender parts
•  airbags
• air conditioning parts

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