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Human body electrostatic discharger Injection Molding Manufacturer

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The Human Body Electrostatic Discharge Ball is a kind of human body electrostatic discharge product suitable for flammable, explosive and anti-static places.It is suitable for computer room, clean room, power station, gas station, refinery, thermal power plant and other fields.

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Product Specification

Material  Plastic
 Color  black
 Brand  Lichi
 Packaging Type  Box
 Usage/Application  Office building/chemical/petroleum station/computer room
 Body Material  Plastic
 Minimum Order Quantity  100

product description

It is the next generation product designed for workplaces that need to eliminate static electricity.
It uses special conductive plastic materials, effectively prolong the electrostatic discharge time, safety, electrostatic energy release during the human body electrostatic discharge, ensure no electricity, no spark, eliminate the hidden danger of electrostatic fire and explosion accidents.
And special issued "please eliminate body static" warning card, beautiful appearance generous, for enterprise safety production to provide firm support.

The main purpose of the research and development of the human body static eliminator is: In inflammable and explosive dangerous location and antistatic, use this product on the human body itself, the accumulation of electrostatic charge safe discharge, avoid fire explosion accident caused by the human body static electricity and human body electric shock, the phenomenon of human body electrostatic eliminator made up for the inadequacy of the human body in addition to static electricity shortage Static way, reasonable human body electrostatic discharge resistance, extend the time of the human body electrostatic discharge, Reduce the human body static instantaneous energy release, effectively avoid fire and explosion accidents.

Working principle and characteristics of the product

At present, some flammable and explosive dangerous places are still using metal conductor direct grounding discharge method to eliminate the impact of static electricity on the human body, although this method can eliminate the impact of static electricity on the human body, but the use of electrostatic discharge between the conductor to release static charge, the release of small resistance, electrostatic discharge time is short, instant release of energy, The necessity and possibility of causing an electric shock or fire or explosion.

Human body static electricity release alarm for the current human body static electricity removal method lack of reasonable human body static electricity discharge resistance, prolong the human body static electricity discharge time, reduce the human body static electricity release energy, effectively avoid the human body static electricity shock and fire explosion accident.

1) ultra low power design, during normal usage and no need to replace the battery

2) touch induction, no mechanical moving parts

3) special epoxy resin sealing, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dampproof

4) explosion-proof touch the ball, to secure the release of electrostatic, human contact does not produce electric shock

5) acousto-optic alarm body and explosion-proof touch ball contact reliabilityand ESD.

6) grounding wire independent detection, grounding resistance conforms to the standard,  to ensure reliable grounding

Equipment Maintenance

1). Keep the equipment clean, regular cleaning of the explosion-proof touchdust, ball on the oil, prevent the reduction of sensitivity explosion-proof touchball.

2). Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, check the grounding wire grounding bolt and other parts

Human body electrostatic discharger round ball head
Human body electrostatic discharger ball head

Packing & Delivery

Packing: wooden/carton or according to customer's requirement

Sample ordering: by express delivery, such as DHL/USP/TNT/FEDEX or air freight

Bulk order: air or sea

Ports: Qingdao, Lianyungang, etc

Delivery time: Receive your payment and arrange shipment

Packing & Delivery

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